Episode 8

Published on:

4th May 2022

8. Quiero dejar de traducir en mi cabeza

Welcome to Episode 8 of the TRANSFORMA TU INGLÉS PROFESIONAL podcast!

I'm your host Daniel Smith.

Today I will be talking with Alastair, an AMAZING coach from my team, all about:

  • Whether you should REALLY be trying to stop translating in your brain.
  • Why it is important to understand how your brain works.
  • The differences between the conscious and subconscious brain.
  • Some key metaphors so that the process of making yourself more fluent is understandable.
  • How many times you need to use a word before it moves from one part of the brain to another.
  • And, some ways to get some practice so that you can move more vocabulary into your subconscious brain.

This podcast is aimed at helping you push your business English communication skills to the next level so that you can grow professionally and achieve your international career goals!

So, without further ado let's get straight into it:


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