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11th Jan 2023

44. How you can TRANSFORM your CV!

Welcome to Episode 44 of the TRANSFORMA TU INGLÉS PROFESIONAL podcast!

I'm your host Daniel Smith.

Today I will be talking with Alastair, an AMAZING coach from my team, all about:

  • Why it's always best to say CV rather than "curriculum" except in the US where they use a French word!
  • Why Alastair sometimes uses the Spanish pronunciation for Linkedin!
  • The strategy you should adopt if you need to translate your CV into English
  • A few key words that you MUST get right when you are talking about your qualifications
  • And some common pitfalls in terms of expressions you are likely to use

This podcast helps you push your business English communication skills to the next level so that you can grow professionally and achieve your international career goals!


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Transforma tu inglés profesional
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